How do students know all the school rules and expectations?

Students attend programs at the beginning of the year (and/or during orientation) where staff members go over school rules and other valid information. Students’ agenda books contain the Code of Student Conduct and information from the AACPS Student Handbook and outline school expectations, uniform/dress code, transportation guidelines and other pertinent data to assist students toward a successful school year.

How can students get help if they have a problem?

There are three, full-time counselors to assist students with academic and personal concerns. Additionally, the assistant principals and teachers are available for assistance, as well as the school social worker, psychologist, and pupil personnel worker.


Drulaine Reusing Counseling Secretary DReusing@aacps.org
Shelby Fisher School Counselor sefisher@aacps.org
Karen Jones School Counselor kbjones@aacps.org
Michelle Yingling School Counselor myingling@aacps.org
Does the school offer breakfast?

All students at OMMSN have the opportunity to eat an optional breakfast each morning. Students will eat in their 1st period classes. Offerings include milk, juice or fruit, and a snack—such as a muffin, cereal, and graham crackers.

Is there ample time for students to eat lunch?

There are three 25-minute lunch periods daily (one for each grade level). Students are permitted sufficient time to eat their lunches. The cafeteria staff serves food in a timely manner, trying to avoid delays and long lines. Lunch costs $2.25 or items may be purchased б la carte. There is also a “Snack Line” where students may purchase mozzarella sticks, nachos, chips, pizza, etc.

What activities does OMMSN offer?

All students are encouraged to participate in OMMSN After-School Clubs and Activities.

What is the discipline like at OMMSN?

Discipline at Old Mill Middle School North is in line with the other middle schools in the county. In our efforts to maintain a safe and orderly environment in which quality learning takes place, it is necessary to use appropriate measures of discipline. The staff and administration put forth every effort to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn and to be as successful as he/she chooses to be. Those students who choose not to follow the policies and procedures expressed in the AACPS Student Handbook will be dealt with accordingly.

What assurance do parents have that kids will be safe at OMMSN?

The school has monitored video cameras at entrances, a resource officer on duty during school hours, and visitors must sign in/out in the main office. Furthermore, all visitors must provide a state-issued photo ID to receive stick-on badges (with pictures on them) with destination noted. All staff members wear ID badges. Students are not permitted in the halls during class time unless they have a signed pass.

What world languages are taught?

French, Spanish , and Chinese

What high school classes does OMMSN offer?

There are many advanced classes including world languages, Algebra, and Geometry.

How do I apply to the MYP?

Please visit the AACPS Advanced Studies website for application information:  http://www.aacpsadvancedstudies.org

What is the Middle Years Programme (MYP)?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) meets the needs of all students. It is a program of international education designed to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world. For more information visit the IBO website.

Does OMMSN have trailers (portables) in use?

No, we do not have any portables in use for OMMSN.

How many students are enrolled?

The enrollment at OMMSN is 949  students

What is the average class size?

Average class size is 27.

Where will my child go to high school?

Most of our students will attend Old Mill High School.  For IB MYP students this may vary.