Becoming an IB authorized school

Old Mill Middle North was authorized as an IB world school in 2010. Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate as IB World Schools can offer the Middle Years Programme. There are three phases to becoming and IB World School:

  •  Feasibility study and identification of resources: The school makes an in-depth analysis of the philosophy and curriculum, and identifies the resources needed to deliver it.
  • Trial implementation period: The school puts in place all the processes and resources needed to deliver the MYP, including the training of teachers, and the school must implement the full programme for at least one year.
  • School visit: At the end of the trial period, a delegation appointed by the IB visits the school and evaluates the school’s capacity to deliver the programme. If the outcome is positive, the school becomes authorized to offer the programme. The school’s delivery of the programme is evaluated four years after authorization and then every five years.  Old Mill Middle School North and Old Mill High School are scheduled for a program evaluation is spring, 2014.

Teacher training

Teachers receive training before and after a school becomes authorized to teach the programme. Before a school is authorized, teachers can either attend an IB teaching-training workshop or participate in a school-based training organized by the IB. While the IB only requires 8 classroom teachers, the principal and the IB coordinator to be trained, we are proud to share that 22 of our teachers have participated in a national IB workshop, while the entire faculty participates in continuous professional development provided by the school and the county.

After authorization, teachers are encouraged to engage in an ongoing process of professional development by:

  • Attending IB workshops and conferences
  • Participating in online discussion and special events on the IB’s Web site for teachers
  •  Reviewing relevant support materials published by the IB online or in print
  • Responding to appeals from the IB for teachers to participate in other curriculum-related activities, such as curriculum reviews and collecting samples of student work
  •  Applying to become a moderator to moderate internally assessed student work
  • Applying to become an IB workshop leader